Equipment merit and flexibility are unspoken hope from any IT infrastructure. The modern business ventures hold the digital world and anticipates its IT infrastructure to be strong yet responsive enough to integrate changes latest technology advancements and the market at affordable costs.

Our infrastructure management services are IT-friendly investments. It helps businesses design, build, run, and manage their IT infrastructure services in a responsive manner that allows for better incorporation with the accessible processes and functions at the best price.

Our offerings cover datacenter infrastructure, end-user computing services, application support & services with 24/7 technical support.

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OpenLink IT IMS Advantages?

  • Infrastructure ready for future
  • Peace of mind from security threats
  • IT landscape Flexibility
  • Increased engagement and delivery models
  • Smart Infra management
  • Next generation IT Operations
  • Reduced IT Infrastructure Costs

Managed IT Services

Every technology you rely on to run your business requires 24X7 maintenance and support. We practically manage your technologies.

Your IT system is your competitive necessity and not a competitive advantage. Any disorganization or interruption of your IT system takes your business to loss. Further, your own and precious time killing involvement while solving IT issues is the most fruitless and expensive way to resolve. Whenever you experience any IT problem or requirement, just pass it to your IT Manager and be focused on your business.

Open Link IT license advisory services cover all types of application and software licensing We follow high-level of licensing strategy, including license sales, software fulfillment, software audit support, and software asset management.

Cloud Managed Services – Think Cloud

Open Link IT offers Cloud Managed Services, planned to dismiss the burden, the stress of managing your own business systems, and safeguard your IT assets. We significantly minimize the IT risks that come with running a business. Cloud Managed Services Group offers many diverse stages of service that offer your business flexibility.

Open Link IT Cloud Managed Services held managed solutions made on a protected, accessible global set-up for business serious IT needs.

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Network Managed Services

Your network is critical to your business—but don’t make it the core focus of your business. To compete effectively, you need to work on your business goals and outsource your security responsibility to your IT Partner.

Open Link IT manage and maintain business networks to progress operational performance and distribution of in-house resources.

We understand hacker techniques and constantly evolve to challenge them. Businesses that don’t spend adequate are constantly at the risk of security violates.

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Managed Security Services

While every organization know Network Security but not realize its importance until their networks are already breached and confidential data are stolen. If you want to avoid this situation, outsource your network security to Open Link IT.

Open Link IT Network Security solution facilitates you to quickly identify and counter to today’s vague threats, across all major threat destinations—network/web, email, and file systems. We prioritize threats with rich appropriate approaches, make you informed on the threat background and the attackers. This all comes in your budget.

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